We offer a range of card services to help our clients with card issuance and ongoing management for Mastercard with most secure environment with flexible solutions.

Gift Card Issuance -We offer gift card issuance with most secure and customised way.

White label Wallet- Become a payment service provider relying on our holistic white label payment  solution. This way, you will save thousands in funds and hit the global market up to ten times faster, while gaining a competitive advantage from having your own branded sophisticated payment infrastructure and capabilities.

Reward program- Headless Loyalty Software for building Personalized and Engaging Loyalty Program. 100% customizable thanks to the most flexible loyalty API on the market.

Fruad Monitoring- Proactively stop transaction fraud, chargebacks & easily detect fraud trends on your site. Sift detects a full range of transaction fraud for any transaction & industry

Secure payments- We offer the most secure payment solutions  for protecting your payment systems.

Business Solutions

Enabling the Future with best payment solutions. At Flynamics ,We deliver innovative, reliable and secure payment Solutions for businesss for all their needs



Australian data Center- We have our won Data centre infrastructure in Australia which will help your business Flexible, & scalable

BIN Sponsership - Our licensing allows us to sponsor companies into the payments network, allowing them to process debit and credit card transactions in Australia via , Mastercard. We normally offer this in addition to our other services 

Card Management- We help our clients through the entire card process. As part of end to end service ,we provide production, design, PIN mailing, card mailers and ongoing management services Mastercard.

Monitored transactions- We offer the best fraud monitoring platform to protect from fraudulent transactions.

Clear Reconciliation - We offer a reliable platform for payment Reconciliation with transparent method

Fraud & Risk Mitigation - We offer a best possible Fraud & Risk solution to mitigate your business requirement

Mastercard Licence - We are under Mastercard Principle Program Management license which allows us to offer all your payment requirement such as merchant acquiring ,card , switching & settlement.

AFS License- We have our own AFSL which allows us to authorises to provide financial services in Australia.